Build Your Own Poultry House – Know the Cost

You have just eaten one of the best omelettes ever and it was made using eggs from a friends chickens. You comment on this and it provokes the response, why not build your own poultry house, get yourself some chickens and you can have tasty eggs whenever you like? Now there is an idea, but build your own poultry house?

You absolutely love the keeping chicken suggestion but are a little unsure of the construction idea. A little research shows that to purchase a readymade one is really not a very cheap option and you are very keen to give these new feathered friends of yours the best home money can buy.

It suddenly makes sense that a DIY coop is not such a bad idea after all, in fact, it makes complete sense and you wonder why you scoffed at the idea in the first place. For one thing you are still going to have to get your tools out to put together a readymade one as they seem to come flat packed. Why not go the whole hog and see it through from start to finish?

So, you go to the store and buy all the materials that your DIY project requires and are pleasantly surprised to find that it has cost a fraction of the price that a readymade one would have set you back and even better, the coop that you have in mind to build is far superior to anything else that you have been looking at.

The biggest bonus of all is that the end result will be built to your own very high specifications. It will be tailor made to suit you and your chickens needs and they will be safe, warm and secure.

So, from a throw away comment of build your own poultry house from a friend, you have undertaken an amazing DIY project that has proved to be far easier than you imagined and very cost effective too. Not only are you now eating eggs from your own poultry that are even tastier than you ever thought but, you have the satisfaction of knowing how simple it was to build your own poultry house.