Best Way to Make Your Own Cheap Chicken Pen

Building a fully featured chicken coop, whilst a lot cheaper than buying, still requires a fair investment of time and effort. This isn’t necessary if you’re looking to only keep a minimal amount of birds, and live in a predator free location. This article explains how to make your own chicken pen without spending an arm and a leg.

Step 1 – Planning Your Site And Chicken Pen Size

The main style of chicken pen discussed in this article focusses on using pickets and chicken wire to construct a secure chicken run. You will need to dedicate a certain amount of space in your backyard for this project. Before starting anything, go to your site and measure the area you wish to build on.

The area for your pen doesn’t need to be flat, and can be grass or dirt. If it’s dirt you might want to lay some kind of straw down, a it can get pretty messy in wet weather. Chickens require approximately 3 square feet of grazing space each. This keeps them stress free, and ensures optimal egg yields.

Step 2 – Obtaining Construction Materials

There are many materials that you can use to make your own chicken pen. Firstly you need something to use as pickets. This can be wood or even metal. Each picket should be relatively long, as you’ll need to insert them quite deep in the ground.

The cheapest material to use as the walls of the pen is chicken wire. This can be bought at all hardware stores, and is a very secure material, so your flock won’t be able to escape.

Step 3 – Starting Construction

As previously stated, the pickets need to be inserted into the ground quite deep, around 30%-40% of the total length. This percentage is less with metal pickets.

The next step is to tie, nail, or staple the chicken wire to form a fencing around the pickets. To form an even safer chicken coop, place a picket in the centre and create a roof from either plywood or more chicken wire.

This is a very basic guide to make your own chicken pen. If you’re interested in building much larger, more secure styles of chicken coops, check out this Chicken Coop Plans website now.